Casa de Peri Global (circa 2011)

Casa de Peri is a concept that came into fruition in Melbourne, Australia. Its cuisine stems from the founders’ fascination with the famous Portuguese Peri-Peri, which refers to “Chilli Pepper”.

Casa de Peri Global was founded by a couple of friends, Jonathan Lee and Rama Hutagalung, in Melbourne Australia in 2011 and now represents the parent company of all Casa de Peri stores.

The founders are not chefs by trade, Jon was working in finance and Rama is an entrepreneur with several successful startups mainly in IT and Telecommunication sectors.

They became business partners through a joint venture where they bought and ran a successful quick service Food and Beverage business. Having a common dream of creating a brand of their own, they went about perfecting their business concept.

Their passions for food and travel have brought them to create their own version of Peri-Peri, a famous Portuguese sauce invented in South Africa. Perfecting their sauce was proven to be no easy feat. Rama and Jon wanted to create a perfect blend, utilizing only the best and freshest herbs and spices, and have to resort to import many ingredients from all over the world.

After years of trying and finally perfecting the sauce, Casa de Peri was born.

The dream turned into reality. The intricate creation of Casa de Peri’s Peri sauce is an art as much as it is science. The signature taste of its Peri-Peri sauce is its tanginess combined with a perfect blend of herbs and spices to produce a unique flavoursome taste. Casa de Peri also tailor its Peri-Peri sauce to cater to their more adventurous customers who want an extra ‘kick’ in their foods, from Peri Mild to XXX.

Casa de Peri Indonesia (circa 2013)

In 2013, Casa de Peri’s first Master Franchise and flagship store opened in Indonesia at Mal Kota Kasablanka in Tebet, Jakarta Indonesia.

The restaurant is designed in a rustic Portuguese layout with natural tone materials to create a welcoming ambience. The menu also includes a few fusion offerings to cater to local tastes and highlight the strength of the Peri-Peri sauce on a familiar food.

The concept has been well received by their customers and critiques alike. It created headlines among many major newspapers, magazines, television and online food bloggers. It has a growing loyal fan base and is currently in the process of opening the 2nd and 3rd store in Indonesia.