Why We Love To Get Out Of Bed

Casa de Peri is a great environment to be in. It’s passionate people working with a passion. We love to create a tantalizing flavorsome array of mouth-watering meats, basted with our unique Peri-Peri sauce, and flame grilled to perfection. It’s all about the freshness of flavors coming together like a jigsaw.

We source the freshest herbs and spices and slow cook our sauces delicately to enhance its flavor. We then marinate our meats for more than a day before it hits the open flame and seal in the taste that is so uniquely Casa de Peri. Before your meats land on your plate, it is basted generously with our legendary Peri-Peri sauce.

We know every customer is unique and so, we encourage you to tailor your basting to suit you as an individual. Some may like it sweet and some may like it spicy or a little bit of both should your mood take you.

Casa de Peri cordially invites you to come in, take a seat and enjoy what goodness tastes like. Uniquely passionate made with a passion for an individual like yourself.